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Section One: Meetings

Date of next scheduled Council meeting:

October 26th 2020 – 7pm (Remote Ordinary Meeting) *
There was no meeting of the Parish Council scheduled for September 2020

* Clause 78 of the Coronavirus Act 2020 refers.

Link to Agenda (PDF format) for forthcoming meeting(s)

Link to meeting papers (PDF format) for forthcoming meeting

Links to previous Minutes (PDF format) of Council meetings held during last 12 months

There was no meeting of the Parish Council in March 2020

Section Two: Councillors

List of Councillors with contact details and positions
held within Council

Cllr. Chris Burhop (Chair of the Council) – Harpford Ward

Cllr. Lorna Dalton (Vice-Chair of Council) – NP Ward

Cllr. Carla Bilenkyj – NP Ward

Cllr. Brian Carpenter – Harpford Ward

Cllr. Mark Chapman – NP Ward

Cllr. Howard Hughes – Venn Ottery Ward

Cllr. Richard Lipczynski – Harpford Ward

Cllr. Makala Tillotson – NP Ward

Cllr. Rosemary Walker – Harpford Ward

Two Casual Vacancies exists on the Parish Council
as at May 2020 for Newton Poppleford Ward and
Harpford Ward – currently unfilled due to ongoing
Covid-19 situation.

Member’s Register of Interest forms can be accessed via the link below:

Devon County Councillor for Newton Poppleford and Harpford
Cllr. Claire Wright;

East Devon District Councillor for Newton Poppleford and Harpford
Cllr. Val Ranger;

Section THREE: Spending

Items of expenditure over £100 for the current financial year
This information will be published after the year end ie. March 31st 2021

Items of expenditure over £100 for the previous financial year(s)

Section FOUR: Audits

Link to most recent Internal Audit Report (PDF format)

Link to most recent External Audit Report (PDF format)

External Audit Report (Section 3 Assurance) not yet received
from PKF Littlejohn for the 2019-20 financial period.

Link to most recent Notice of Public Rights and Publication
of Unaudited Accounts (PDF format)

Link to most recent Notice of Conclusion of
Audit Statement (PDF format)

Notice of Conclusion of Audit not yet received nor published for 2019-20

Section FIVE:

Governance Statement

Link to most recent Annual Governance Statement (PDF format)

Section SIX:

Accounting Statement

Link to most recent Annual Accounts for previous Financial Year (PDF format)

Community Infrastructure Levy Annual Statement

Public Works Loan Board

Section SEVEN: Assets

Link to most recent register of public land and assets
owned by this Council (PDF format)

Section EIGHT: Contact Us

Clerk’s Details: Paul Hayward, Clerk and RFO.
Telephone: 07711 929227 / 01297 631532
Address for Correspondence:

Plumtree, North Street, Axminster, EX13 5QF

The Clerk only works for the Parish Council on a part-time
basis and so may not be able to respond to your calls or
emails immediately.

Section NINE: Information

Link to Parish Information Page HERE

This site contains local information, community contact details and
additional information relating to the parish of Newton Poppleford
and Harpford.

Section TEN: Reports

Most recent County Councillor Report below

Most recent District Councillor Report below


Section ELEVEN: General Data Protection Regulations 2018

Link to Parish Council’s Privacy Policy (PDF format)
Link to Council’s Privacy Notice (PDF format)
Link to Council’s Consent Forms (PDF format)

Section TWELVE:
Website Accessibility


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